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Keeping your pet’s teeth clean and healthy is an important aspect of their overall well-being. Just like humans, pets can develop dental problems such as plaque and tartar buildup, bad breath, and even tooth decay. PetSmart offers a variety of teeth cleaning services for pets to help keep their pearly whites in top condition.

Teeth cleaning services at PetSmart

Basic Teeth Cleaning

This service includes a thorough cleaning of your pet’s teeth and gums to remove plaque and tartar buildup. It also includes a polish to leave the teeth shiny and smooth. The cost for this service ranges from $80-150 depending on the size of your pet and the location of the store.

Dental Exam

This service includes a basic teeth cleaning, as well as a thorough examination of your pet’s teeth and gums by a veterinarian. The vet will look for any signs of dental problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, or missing or broken teeth. This service ranges from $150-250.

Full Mouth X-rays

This service includes a basic teeth cleaning and a dental exam, as well as a full mouth X-ray to get a clear picture of the inside of your pet’s teeth and jaw. This service ranges from $300-450.


If your pet has any severely damaged or infected teeth, they may require an extraction. This service includes a basic teeth cleaning, a dental exam, and the removal of any necessary teeth. The cost for this service ranges from $300-600 depending on the number of teeth being extracted.

Dental Package

PetSmart also offers a dental package that includes a basic teeth cleaning, dental exam, full mouth X-rays, and extractions (if necessary). This package ranges from $450-800 depending on the location of the store and the size of your pet.

What to expect during the teeth cleaning process at PetSmart

The teeth cleaning process at PetSmart is a great way to keep your furry friend’s smile shining bright.

A Thorough Exam

Before the cleaning process starts, your furry friend will undergo a comprehensive exam to assess the condition of their teeth and gums. This way, the vet will be able to determine if there are any underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Cleaning and Polishing

Next, the teeth will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any plaque and tartar build-up. This will be done using special tools and techniques to ensure that every nook and cranny is reached. The teeth will then be polished to give them a smooth and shiny finish.


Depending on the condition of your pet’s teeth, the vet may recommend taking X-rays. This will give them a better idea of what’s going on beneath the surface, helping to identify any issues that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Flushing Out the Gums

After the teeth have been cleaned and polished, the gums will be flushed out to remove any debris and bacteria. This helps to prevent infections and promotes healthy gum tissue.

Final Check-Up

Before your pet is ready to go home, the vet will give them a final check-up to make sure everything looks good. They will also give you some tips on how to keep your pet’s teeth and gums in top shape, including recommendations for a good diet and regular dental care.

Follow-Up Care

Once the cleaning is done, it’s equally important to follow up with proper care to maintain your pet’s dental health. Here are some essential tips that PetSmart recommends for follow-up care:

Brush those choppers regularly

Brushing your pet’s teeth is the most effective way to remove plaque and tartar buildup. PetSmart has a range of toothbrushes and toothpastes specifically designed for pets, so make sure to use those. Aim for at least two brushing sessions a week, and make it a bonding moment between you and your pet.

Dental chews and toys

Dental chews and toys are not only a fun and interactive activity for your pet, but they also help clean their teeth as they gnaw and chew. PetSmart has a range of dental chews and toys to keep your pet entertained and their teeth clean.

Say goodbye to hard kibble

Hard kibble can help scrape away plaque, but PetSmart advises against feeding it too often, as it can wear down your pet’s teeth. So, be careful when selecting food for your pet, and choose a balanced diet that includes soft foods as well.

Keep the water flowing

Staying hydrated is crucial for good dental health, and PetSmart recommends providing plenty of fresh water to your pet at all times.

Regular check-ups

Just like people, pets need regular dental check-ups, so PetSmart suggests scheduling a dental check-up with your vet at least once a year, or more frequently if recommended.

Watch for warning signs

If your pet experiences changes in their eating habits, drools excessively or has bad breath, it could be a sign of dental problems. PetSmart advises that you contact your vet immediately if you notice any of these warning signs.

Pet dental care is not a one-time event, and follow-up care is equally important. By following PetSmart’s recommendations for follow-up care, you can keep your pet’s smile shining bright for years to come.

PetSmart teeth cleaning reviews

First, let’s dive into the pros. Many pet owners rave about the convenience of PetSmart’s teeth cleaning services. They love that they can drop off their furry friend for the day and know that their pet will be taken care of by professionals. In addition, some pet owners report that their pets had noticeably cleaner teeth after the cleaning, which is great news for the pet’s overall health.

However, not all pet owners have had such positive experiences with PetSmart’s teeth cleaning services. Some pet owners have reported that their pets were stressed or anxious during the cleaning, which is never a good sign. Additionally, some pet owners felt that the cost of the cleaning was a bit steep, especially when compared to other alternatives.

So, what are some alternatives to PetSmart’s teeth cleaning services? For those who don’t want to pay for a professional cleaning, there are other options. For example, pet owners can invest in dental chews or toys for their pets, which can help keep their teeth clean and healthy. Additionally, some pet owners opt for at-home cleaning, which can be a cost-effective option but requires a bit of effort.

Free or low cost dog teeth cleaning near me

With dental cleanings costing an arm and a leg, it’s not always easy to find affordable options. Fear not, there are plenty of options for low-cost or even free dog teeth cleaning near you. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Local Shelters and Rescue Centers

Many shelters and rescue organizations offer free or low-cost dental cleanings as part of their services. These organizations are always looking for ways to help dogs in need, and dental care is a great way to do so. You can check with your local shelter or rescue center to see if they offer this service.

Veterinarian Schools

If you live near a veterinary school, they may offer low-cost dental cleanings as part of their student training program. This is a great opportunity to get your dog’s teeth cleaned at a reduced cost while also helping out the future vets of tomorrow.

Community Clinics

Some veterinary clinics offer community clinics that provide low-cost or free dental cleanings for dogs. Keep an eye out for announcements in local pet-related magazines or on social media, as these events often take place for a limited time.

Local Pet Stores

Pet stores may offer dental cleaning services for dogs, sometimes for a fee and sometimes for free. Check with your local pet store to see if they offer this service and if there are any restrictions.

Volunteer Programs

Some animal shelters and rescue organizations have volunteer programs where you can trade your time and effort for free or low-cost dental cleanings for your dog. It’s a win-win situation as you get to give back to the community while keeping your pup’s teeth healthy.

With a little research and effort, you can find low-cost or even free dental cleaning options near you. So, don’t be shy, reach out and ask around – you might just be surprised at what you find.

Conclusion: Teeth cleaning at PetSmart

When it comes to your furry friend’s dental health, PetSmart offers a range of teeth cleaning services. But, as the saying goes, “nothing in life is free.” So, what does it cost to get your pet’s chompers shiny and sparkly? Let’s take a closer look.

First, PetSmart offers a basic teeth cleaning package that starts at around $150. This includes a thorough brushing, scaling, and polishing of your pet’s teeth. It also includes a pre-cleaning evaluation and a post-cleaning consultation to discuss any concerns or issues. This is a great option for pets with healthy teeth and gums, who just need a good scrub down.

For pets with more advanced dental issues, PetSmart offers a deep cleaning package. This package is for pets who need extractions, X-rays, and other specialized treatments. The cost for this package starts at around $400 and can go up from there, depending on the extent of your pet’s dental issues.

It’s also worth noting that some PetSmart locations offer additional services such as fluoride treatments, which can help strengthen your pet’s teeth and prevent future dental problems. The cost for these treatments can vary, so it’s best to check with your local PetSmart for more information.

So, there you have it – the cost of teeth cleaning at PetSmart. Just remember, when it comes to your pet’s dental health, you get what you pay for. Investing in regular teeth cleanings and preventative treatments can save you money in the long run by avoiding more costly dental procedures down the road. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.


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