Does Pet Supplies Plus Have a Vet?

When it comes to the health and wellness of our beloved pets, having reliable and professional veterinary care is crucial. Pet Supplies Plus is a well-known name in the pet supply industry, but does it also offer veterinary services?

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Pet Supplies Plus: An Overview

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s familiarize ourselves with Pet Supplies Plus. Established in 1988, the company has been devoted to making pet shopping easier and more enjoyable for pet parents. With over 560 locations in 36 states, it offers a wide range of products, including pet food, toys, equipment, and grooming essentials.

Veterinary Services at Pet Supplies Plus

Pet Supplies Plus has not traditionally had in-store veterinary clinics; however, they have joined hands with VIP Petcare, a national veterinary care platform, to bring preventative veterinary care to its stores. This collaboration ensures pet parents can access basic veterinary services conveniently during their pet supply shopping trips.

VIP Petcare: What Services Are Offered?

VIP Petcare offers a range of preventative care services for your pets, focusing mainly on vaccinations, microchipping, diagnostic testing, and prescription flea, tick, and heartworm prevention. The goal is to provide an accessible and affordable avenue for pet parents to get necessary care for their pets, making routine vet visits less of a chore.


From core vaccines like Rabies and DHPP for dogs and FVRCP for cats to lifestyle-based vaccines like Leptospirosis or Lyme for dogs and FeLV for cats, VIP Petcare offers a broad spectrum of vaccinations.

Diagnostic Testing

This covers fecal tests, heartworm tests, FeLV/FIV tests for cats, and Lyme, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasmosis tests for dogs.

Parasite Control

VIP Petcare provides prescription preventative medications for fleas, ticks, and heartworms to keep your pets protected year-round.


The vet clinics at Pet Supplies Plus, operated by VIP Petcare, also offer permanent identification solutions with nationwide microchipping services.

How to Access VIP Petcare Services at Pet Supplies Plus

The availability of VIP Petcare services at Pet Supplies Plus stores can depend on the location. You can easily find a local clinic schedule on the Pet Supplies Plus website or the VIP Petcare website. It’s also important to note that these are walk-in clinics, so no appointment is necessary.


To answer the question – yes, Pet Supplies Plus does offer veterinary services through their collaboration with VIP Petcare, focused on preventative care rather than comprehensive veterinary care. This partnership has revolutionized the concept of ‘one-stop shopping’ for pet owners, making it convenient to shop for supplies and attend to their pets’ basic veterinary needs in the same visit.


Q1: What is the cost of VIP Petcare services at Pet Supplies Plus?

The cost for VIP Petcare services can vary based on the specific service and location. Generally, the cost is relatively affordable compared to full-service vet clinics, with a focus on making preventative care accessible to more pet parents. It’s best to check with your local Pet Supplies Plus store or the VIP Petcare website for specific pricing information.

Q2: Are the vets at VIP Petcare fully qualified?

Yes, all veterinary services offered by VIP Petcare at Pet Supplies Plus stores are carried out by licensed veterinarians. They follow all relevant professional and ethical guidelines to ensure your pet receives the highest level of care.

Q3: What if my pet needs emergency care or surgery?

VIP Petcare at Pet Supplies Plus primarily focuses on preventative care and does not offer surgical procedures or emergency services. If your pet needs immediate medical attention or a surgical procedure, it’s critical to get in touch with a full-service vet clinic or an emergency animal hospital.

Q4: Can I get my pet spayed or neutered at VIP Petcare?

No, VIP Petcare does not offer spaying or neutering services. Their focus lies in preventative measures, such as vaccinations and microchipping. For spaying, neutering, or any other surgical procedures, you should consult a full-service veterinary clinic.

Q5: Are there any specific store hours for VIP Petcare services at Pet Supplies Plus?

The VIP Petcare clinic hours can vary by location and may not align exactly with the store hours of Pet Supplies Plus. It’s best to check the VIP Petcare website or contact your local store for the specific clinic schedule.

Q6: Can I get a prescription for my pet at VIP Petcare in Pet Supplies Plus?

VIP Petcare provides prescription preventive medications for parasites, but they do not issue prescriptions for other conditions or diseases. For detailed medical evaluations and prescriptions, you will need to visit a full-service veterinarian.

Q7: Are exotic pets catered for at VIP Petcare clinics in Pet Supplies Plus?

VIP Petcare primarily offers services for dogs and cats. If you own an exotic pet, such as a bird, reptile, or small mammal, it is advisable to seek specialized veterinary care designed for those species.

Q8: Can I schedule an appointment for VIP Petcare services at Pet Supplies Plus?

No, VIP Petcare clinics operate on a walk-in basis, meaning you do not need an appointment. You can bring your pet during the clinic hours at your local Pet Supplies Plus store.

Q9: Can I use my pet insurance at VIP Petcare in Pet Supplies Plus?

This can depend on your specific pet insurance policy. Some may cover preventive care services, while others might not. It’s recommended to verify coverage with your insurance provider before visiting the clinic.

Q10: What if my pet is unwell after receiving VIP Petcare services?

If your pet becomes unwell following any veterinary service, you should immediately contact a full-service veterinary clinic or hospital. VIP Petcare offers a customer service line for post-visit questions, but they are not equipped to handle medical emergencies.

Q11: Can VIP Petcare at Pet Supplies Plus provide allergy testing for my pet?

VIP Petcare focuses on preventative services, such as vaccinations and parasite control, and does not provide specialized diagnostics like allergy testing. If you suspect your pet has allergies, you should consult with a full-service vet clinic that can perform the necessary tests and treatment procedures.

Q12: Can I get dietary advice for my pet at VIP Petcare?

While the veterinarians at VIP Petcare can provide some general advice on maintaining a balanced diet for your pet, for detailed nutritional counseling or addressing specific dietary needs related to health issues, a full-service veterinary clinic would be a more suitable choice.

Q13: Does VIP Petcare in Pet Supplies Plus offer dental care services for pets?

VIP Petcare does not offer comprehensive dental care services like dental cleaning, extraction, or surgery. They focus primarily on preventive care and minor veterinary services. If your pet requires dental care, you should visit a full-service veterinary clinic.

Q14: Can I get a health certificate for travel from VIP Petcare at Pet Supplies Plus?

At this time, VIP Petcare does not issue health certificates for travel. If you need a health certificate for domestic or international travel with your pet, you should schedule a visit with a full-service veterinarian who is accredited to issue such certificates.

Q15: How often should I bring my pet to VIP Petcare clinics for preventive care?

The frequency of visits can vary depending on your pet’s age, species, and overall health condition. Generally, young puppies and kittens require several rounds of vaccinations, while adult pets might need annual or semi-annual visits for boosters and check-ups. It’s best to consult with the vet at the VIP Petcare clinic for a personalized schedule.

Q16: Are VIP Petcare services available at all Pet Supplies Plus locations?

Not all Pet Supplies Plus locations offer VIP Petcare services. It’s recommended to check the Pet Supplies Plus or VIP Petcare websites or directly contact your nearest store to confirm if they have a VIP Petcare clinic.

Q17: Does VIP Petcare offer any packages for pet preventive care?

Yes, VIP Petcare offers various packages for both puppies/kittens and adult dogs/cats that bundle several preventive services together, typically at a reduced cost compared to individual services. These can include multiple vaccinations, fecal tests, heartworm tests, and more.

Q18: What precautions are taken at VIP Petcare clinics to prevent the spread of diseases?

VIP Petcare follows strict protocols to ensure the health and safety of all pets visiting their clinics. These can include proper sanitization of all equipment and surfaces, requiring all pets to be on leashes or in carriers, and following the most up-to-date guidelines on disease control.

Q19: Do I need to bring any records or documents for my pet’s visit to VIP Petcare?

If you have previous medical records for your pet, it is beneficial to bring them to the clinic. These records can help the vets at VIP Petcare provide the most appropriate care and avoid unnecessary or duplicate vaccinations.

Q20: Can VIP Petcare help with flea and tick prevention?

Yes, VIP Petcare provides preventive medications to protect your pet from fleas and ticks. They also provide advice on the best ways to use these products and keep your pet protected. However, if your pet is already infested with these parasites, you may need to seek more comprehensive treatment at a full-service veterinary clinic.

Q21: Can VIP Petcare administer medication prescribed by another vet?

As VIP Petcare primarily focuses on preventive services, it typically does not administer medications prescribed by another vet. You should consult with the vet who prescribed the medication about the best way to administer it, or visit a full-service vet clinic for assistance.

Q22: What is the age limit for pets to receive services at VIP Petcare?

There is no specific age limit for pets to receive services at VIP Petcare. Whether a pet is a young puppy or kitten or a senior dog or cat, they offer suitable preventive care services. However, very young, senior, or frail pets might need more comprehensive care and monitoring provided at full-service veterinary clinics.

Q23: Does VIP Petcare provide heartworm testing and prevention?

Yes, VIP Petcare does offer heartworm testing and prevention. They can perform a blood test to check for heartworm infection in dogs and provide preventive medications to protect your pets from this serious disease.

Q24: Does VIP Petcare at Pet Supplies Plus take care of emergency situations?

VIP Petcare does not provide emergency veterinary care. They are primarily focused on preventive care and wellness services. If your pet has an emergency, you should take them to a full-service veterinary hospital or an emergency pet clinic immediately.

Q25: How can I prepare my pet for their visit to VIP Petcare?

Make sure your pet is calm and relaxed before their visit. It can be helpful to take them for a walk or play with them to help expend some energy. If your pet is prone to anxiety, consider using a comforting item like a favorite toy or blanket. Remember to have your pet on a leash or in a carrier for safety.

Q26: Are the vaccines administered at VIP Petcare safe for my pet?

Yes, the vaccines administered by VIP Petcare are approved by the relevant authorities and are considered safe for pets. All vaccines carry some risk of side effects, but these are usually minor and temporary. The benefits of protecting your pet from serious diseases far outweigh the potential risks of vaccination.

Q27: Can I receive reminders for my pet’s vaccine schedule from VIP Petcare?

Yes, VIP Petcare offers a reminder service for pet parents. After your pet’s visit, they can send reminders for upcoming services your pet may need, such as booster vaccinations, ensuring that your pet stays up to date with their preventive care.

Q28: Does VIP Petcare provide spaying or neutering services?

VIP Petcare does not provide surgical procedures such as spaying or neutering. For these services, you should consult with a full-service veterinary clinic.

Q29: Are VIP Petcare services limited to dogs and cats only?

While most of VIP Petcare’s services are targeted towards dogs and cats, some locations may offer limited services for other types of pets. However, if you have a pet other than a dog or cat, it’s recommended to consult with a vet who specializes in the care of your specific type of pet.

Q30: Do I need an appointment for VIP Petcare services at Pet Supplies Plus?

VIP Petcare operates on a walk-in basis at Pet Supplies Plus, so no appointment is necessary. However, services can be subject to availability, so it’s a good idea to arrive early or contact your local Pet Supplies Plus store in advance.

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