The Farmer’s Dog vs. Sundays vs. Ollie

In the ever-expanding world of pet care, choosing the right nutrition for your canine companion has become increasingly complex, especially with the rise of fresh dog food brands. The Farmer’s Dog, Sundays, and Ollie have emerged as frontrunners, offering unique twists on what it means to feed your dog healthy, wholesome meals.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Farmer’s Dog: Offers customized meal plans, pre-portioned and ready to serve.
  • Sundays: Provides air-dried food, which combines the convenience of kibble with the nutritional benefits of fresh food.
  • Ollie: Focuses on tailor-made recipes that cater to specific dietary requirements.

Detailed Comparison: Features, Benefits, and Choices

To provide a clearer perspective, let’s break down the comparison into key aspects: customization options, ingredient quality, pricing, and convenience.

Customization Options

BrandCustomization LevelUnique Feature
The Farmer’s DogHighTailored to individual health needs 🐕
SundaysModerateEasy transition from kibble 🔄
OllieHighAllergy-friendly options available 🚫🌾

Insight: Both The Farmer’s Dog and Ollie offer a high degree of customization, making them ideal for dogs with specific dietary needs. Sundays offers less customization but fills a niche for those transitioning from kibble.

Ingredient Quality

BrandSource of IngredientsNoteworthy Ingredient
The Farmer’s DogLocally sourcedHuman-grade meat and vegetables 🥩🥦
SundaysPremium suppliersNo artificial additives or preservatives
OllieHuman-gradePremium meats and superfoods 🍖🍓

Insight: All three brands boast high-quality, often human-grade ingredients, but The Farmer’s Dog and Ollie slightly edge out with locally sourced components.


BrandCost per DayValue
The Farmer’s Dog$5 to $9Custom plans might be pricier 💲
Sundays$3 to $8Costs more with higher frequency orders
Ollie$4 to $11Reflects premium, specialized recipes 💰

Insight: Pricing varies significantly based on the dog’s size, age, and meal plan. Ollie can be on the higher end, particularly for very customized diets.


BrandPreparation RequiredPackaging
The Farmer’s DogNoneEco-friendly and pre-portioned 🌍✅
SundaysNoneEasy-to-store boxes 📦
OllieMinimalPre-portioned; requires refrigeration ❄️

Insight: The Farmer’s Dog scores highest for convenience with its ready-to-serve meals and environmentally conscious packaging.

Expert Insights: What Makes Each Brand Stand Out?

The Farmer’s Dog is unbeatable for those seeking a hassle-free, eco-conscious feeding routine that caters to specific health requirements.

Sundays shines for pet owners who prefer a no-fuss approach with the nutritional upgrade of fresh food without completely moving away from kibble.

Ollie appeals to those who prioritize a detailed, ingredient-specific diet that accommodates allergies and food sensitivities.

Conclusion: Which Brand Suits Your Dog Best?

Choosing between The Farmer’s Dog, Sundays, and Ollie depends largely on your priorities—whether it’s ingredient quality, ease of use, or customization for dietary needs. Consider what matches your lifestyle and your dog’s health requirements to make the best choice.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Opt for The Farmer’s Dog if you value tailor-made meals and sustainability.
  • Choose Sundays for a balanced transition from kibble with minimal adjustments.
  • Go with Ollie for specialized dietary plans that cater to unique health needs.

This comprehensive guide aims to equip you with all the necessary information to navigate the nuances of these top fresh dog food brands, ensuring your furry friend’s wellbeing and your peace of mind.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Q: Can you explain the innovation behind your product that sets it apart in the market?

The Farmer’s Dog Co-Founder: “Certainly! Our innovation roots in a technology-first approach to dog nutrition. We’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that crafts a meal plan based on a dog’s specific age, breed, and health concerns. This isn’t just customization—it’s about precision nutrition. Our commitment extends beyond meals to how we package our products, using biodegradable materials to lessen our environmental paw print.”

Sundays Co-Founder: “Our innovation is the air-dried technique, a unique middle ground between raw and kibble. This method eliminates pathogens while preserving nutrients without artificial preservatives. It’s like providing the benefits of raw food with the convenience of kibble. Plus, we’ve made it shelf-stable without refrigeration, which our customers love for its ease of use and storage.”

Ollie’s Head Nutritionist: “At Ollie, innovation means integrating superfoods and bespoke elements into each recipe. We focus heavily on the bioavailability of nutrients, ensuring dogs not only eat but absorb the crucial elements needed for their health. For instance, our use of chia seeds and kale supports digestive health and energy levels, tailored to individual dogs, which significantly boosts the meal’s nutritional impact.”

Q: How do you ensure the quality and safety of your ingredients?

The Farmer’s Dog Co-Founder: “Quality starts from the ground up for us. We partner with reputable local farmers and suppliers who are as committed to sustainable and humane practices as we are. Every ingredient is human-grade, and our facilities follow strict safety protocols akin to human food production, which includes regular audits and quality checks.”

Sundays Co-Founder: “We meticulously source all ingredients from trusted suppliers who maintain food-grade standards. Our air-drying process inherently reduces risks associated with raw diets, such as bacteria and contaminants. Each batch undergoes rigorous testing before it hits the market, ensuring safety without compromising nutritional integrity.”

Ollie’s Head Nutritionist: “Ollie takes a proactive approach by selecting only human-grade components. Each supplier undergoes a stringent vetting process, and we conduct multiple quality checks throughout the production process. Our kitchens are designed to meet human food preparation standards, which helps us maintain a high level of consistency and safety.”

Q: With rising concerns about pet obesity and health, how does your brand address these issues?

The Farmer’s Dog Co-Founder: “Obesity in pets is often linked to overfeeding and nutritional imbalances. Our meals are pre-portioned based on a dog’s caloric needs, which we calculate using their specific profile. This approach not only promotes a healthy weight but also optimizes overall health through balanced nutrition.”

Sundays Co-Founder: “Our food is designed to be nutrient-dense, not calorie-dense. We focus on high protein and low carb recipes that help maintain healthy weight while satisfying hunger. Education is also key. We provide clear feeding guidelines and actively educate our customers on proper portion sizes and the importance of regular exercise.”

Ollie’s Head Nutritionist: “We address pet health holistically, starting with food. By customizing each meal, we ensure that dogs aren’t just eating, but they’re eating what’s absolutely right for them. This tailored approach prevents overnutrition and undernutrition, both of which can lead to weight and health issues. We also include functional ingredients that promote metabolic health, joint strength, and energy vitality.”

Q: Looking forward, what trends or innovations can we expect from your brand in the coming years?

The Farmer’s Dog Co-Founder: “We’re looking into expanding our range to include specialized supplements that complement our custom meals, targeting areas like joint health and cognitive function. Additionally, we’re developing an app that will allow pet parents to monitor their dog’s health and adjust their diet in real-time, based on activity levels and health feedback.”

Sundays Co-Founder: “Expect to see more flavor varieties and limited ingredient diets, which are great for dogs with sensitivities. We’re also exploring eco-friendly packaging solutions that will reduce our carbon footprint further and new forms of food that can provide even more convenience for pet owners.”

Ollie’s Head Nutritionist: “Innovation at Ollie is ongoing. We’re researching new formulations that cater to even more specific health conditions. For example, we’re looking into diets specifically formulated for diabetic dogs or those with renal challenges, ensuring every dog has access to not just good food, but the right food for their condition.”


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