How Much Does a Cytopoint Injection for Dogs Cost?

Cytopoint injections in the US are usually priced based on the dosage of the vial, then any additional cost such as the consultation fee.

How much does a cytopoint injection cost?

A cytopoint 10mg vial typically starts from $30-$35 but can cost up to $50. Vials of 20mg have an average cost of $60-$65 and 30mg are priced around $70. The largest vial measurement is 40mg which is priced at $85-$95.

The cost of the consultation also needs to be added to this, so the total cost could be anywhere between $80 and $200 for an injection requiring one vial.

You should also consider that larger dogs may require more than one vial. Some vet clinics may offer a reduction on the second vial where multiple are needed, but the cost is still going to be considerably higher.

In the UK, pricing for cytopoint is much more expensive, but they are typically sold as a pack of 2 vials. For example:

  • 10mg (2 vials): £80 – £85
  • 20mg (2 vials): £110 – £115
  • 30mg (2 vials): £140 – £145
  • 40mg (2 vials): £150 +

You will still need to submit your veterinarian’s signed prescription in order to purchase cytopoint from any UK based online medication store.

Can I buy Cytopoint for my dog?

It is possible to purchase cytopoint online, but you will need to upload or email a copy of your veterinary prescription before any order is accepted.

You will also need the permission of your vet and to be shown how to administer the injection correctly.

Cytopoint must be refrigerated until it is used and you must get an exact weight measurement for your dog in order to calculate the correct dosage for the injection.

What are the side effects of Cytopoint injection?

As with any medication, there is the chance that your dog may experience side effects. The most common side effect of cytopoint is lethargy, which typically lasts for 1-2 days after the initial injection.

Another common side effect is reduced appetite, but this too only lasts a day or two while the body begins to metabolize the medication.

Diarrhea and vomiting are also common side effects as the medication works its way through the body.

In rare cases, a dog may suffer other symptoms:

  • Shivers
  • Aches or pain
  • Reluctance to toilet
  • Pacing
  • Difficulty settling

The severity of the side effects depends entirely on the immune response of each individual dog. Most will not show any side effects, or the side effects will be mild and short-lived.

If your dog experiencing side effects for more than 2 days following a cytopoint injection, you should make a new appointment with your veterinarian. it is possible that dogs can be allergic to this medication, as they can with any other drug.

How long does it take for Cytopoint to work?

Cytopoint is a high efficacy drug, meaning it works quickly and results are noticeable in a short time. For Cytopoint, most dogs will begin to show improvement within 1 day of taking their first dose.

This is not the case for all dogs. Those with weakened immune systems, taking other medication or with a slower metabolism, will take a day or two longer to show any visible signs of improvement.

How long does Cytopoint last?

Cytopoint has been shown in various field safety studies to have an efficacy window of one month or more, with the best results in the first 2 weeks after receiving a dose of Cytopoint at 2mg/kg.

Cytopoint vs Apoquel

The biggest difference between Cytopoint and Apoquel is the form of administration. While Cytopoint is administered via injection, Apoquel is an oral medication given in tablet form.

When choosing the best option, Apoquel is best for those dogs who are nervous about going to a veterinary clinic or may have poor mobility, ie elderly and infirm dogs.

Cytopoint is ideal for owners when their dogs refuse to take oral medication. Given as an injection once every 4 – 8 weeks, this is a much more efficient method of administration than attempting to get a dog reluctant dog to swallow a tablet.

Cytopoint dosing chart

Cytopoint is available in 4 doses; 10, 20, 30 and 40mg, presented in 1ml vials. The dosage differs based on the weight of the dog, but a veterinarian will determine the correct dosage and prescribe the accompanying vial.

Dogs weighing less than 5lbs or 2.3kg should only be prescribed the lowest dose of 10mg, to be given at 0.2ml/kg.

Dogs weighing 5-40lb or 2.3-18kg

Dogs within this weight range should be given one full vial of the dosage prescribed by their veterinarian. For example, a 15lb dog should be given one full 20mg vial.

WEIGHT (lbs) WEIGHT (kg) 10mg 20mg 30mg 40mg
5 – 10 2.3 – 4.5 1 vial
10.1 – 20 4.6 – 9 1 vial
20.1 – 30 9.1 – 13.6 1 vial
30.1 – 40 13.7 – 18.1 1 vial

Dogs weighing more than 40lb or 18.1kg

For dogs heavier than 40lbs, more than one vial will be required. All required vials should be drawn into one syringe and given as a single injection.

Dosage should be given at a minimum of 2mg/kg body weight. Your veterinarian should confirm the correct dosage with you.

WEIGHT (lbs) WEIGHT (kg) 10mg 20mg 30mg 40mg
40.1 – 50 18.2 – 22.7 1 vial+ 1 vial
50.1 – 60 22.8 – 27.2 1 vial+ 1 vial
60.1 – 70 27.3 – 31.7 1 vial+ 1 vial
70.1 – 80 31.8 – 36.3 2 vials
80.1 – 90 36.4 – 40.8 1 vial+ 2 vials
90.1 – 100 40.9 – 45.4 1 vial+ 2 vials
100.1 – 110 45.5 – 49.9 1 vial+ 2 vials
110.1 – 120 50.0 – 54.4 3 vials
120.1 – 130 54.5 – 59.0 1 vial+ 3 vials
130.1- 140 59.1 – 63.5 1 vial+ 3 vials
140.1 – 150 63.6 – 68.0 1 vial+ 3 vials
150 + 68 + 4 vials

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