How Much Are Guinea Pigs at Petco?

If you’re in the market for a furry little companion, you might be curious about the cost of guinea pigs at pet stores, specifically Petco. We’ve done the research for you and here’s everything you need to know.

Price Range and Promotions

At Petco, the price of a guinea pig typically ranges between $29.99 and $34.99, depending on the location. However, there are periods when Petco offers special promotions, like the “Petco PALS” special, during which guinea pigs are usually priced at $19.99. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on store promotions or ask the staff about any upcoming sales if you’re considering a purchase.

Considering the True Costs

While the price tag on the guinea pig itself is relatively affordable, it’s essential to remember that the real cost comes from the necessary supplies and care. These include a proper cage, bedding, food, water bottles, toys, and frequent vet check-ups.

A Note on Ethical Considerations

While the affordability of guinea pigs at Petco is tempting, potential owners should also be aware of ongoing debates about purchasing pets from big-box retailers. Some critics argue that these stores use animal mills that produce large numbers of pets without proper regard for their well-being, health, or socialization.

It’s always a good idea to do your research before buying a pet. In many communities, there are guinea pig rescues where you can adopt a pet in need, often at a lower cost, while also ensuring that you’re supporting a good cause.

The Verdict

If you’re set on buying a guinea pig from Petco, make sure to factor in all the costs, both monetary and ethical. Remember that owning a pet is a long-term commitment that requires care, attention, and love. Before making a decision, consider all available options, from pet stores to local rescues, to find the perfect furry friend that matches both your budget and values.

FAQs: Guinea Pigs at Petco

1. What types of guinea pigs are available at Petco?

While the selection can vary based on location and availability, Petco often carries a variety of guinea pig breeds, including the American, Abyssinian, and Peruvian. It’s best to visit your local store or their website to check current availability.

2. Does Petco offer care sheets or guides for new guinea pig owners?

Yes, Petco often provides care sheets for new pet owners. These sheets include information on diet, housing, social needs, and general care. Additionally, their website,, offers a wealth of knowledge for pet enthusiasts.

3. Are there any guarantees or return policies on guinea pigs from Petco?

Petco usually offers a health guarantee on pets, ensuring they are in good health at the point of sale. However, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with their specific return and exchange policies, which may differ based on individual circumstances and locations.

4. How does Petco ensure the well-being of guinea pigs in their care?

Petco has a commitment to animal welfare, which includes regular veterinary checks and ensuring that their living conditions in-store are up to par. However, it’s worth noting that individual store conditions may vary, and potential buyers should always assess the environment before purchasing.

5. Can I get guinea pig supplies at Petco as well?

Absolutely! Petco is a one-stop shop for most of your guinea pig needs, from cages and bedding to food and toys. They also offer various accessories to enhance your pet’s living environment.

6. Are there grooming services for guinea pigs at Petco?

Some Petco locations offer grooming services, which may include nail trims for guinea pigs. It’s advisable to call ahead to your local store to confirm the availability and pricing of such services.

7. Do Petco staff members undergo training to care for guinea pigs?

Petco staff members typically undergo training sessions to ensure they are knowledgeable about the pets they sell and their needs. This training aids them in providing guidance to potential pet owners and ensuring the animals’ well-being in-store.

8. Are there adoption events or rescue partnerships with Petco?

Many Petco locations partner with local animal rescues and shelters to host adoption events. While these primarily focus on cats and dogs, occasionally, there might be events centered around small animals like guinea pigs.

9. Can I buy more than one guinea pig at a time from Petco?

Guinea pigs are social animals and often thrive in pairs or small groups. Petco doesn’t typically have a limit on how many guinea pigs you can purchase simultaneously, but always consider space and resources before buying multiple pets.

10. How can I ensure the gender of the guinea pig I purchase?

Petco staff members usually determine and label the gender of guinea pigs in their care. However, mistakes can happen. If gender is a crucial factor for you, consider getting a secondary opinion or even visiting a vet for confirmation.

11. Do guinea pigs from Petco come with any vaccinations or health checks?

While guinea pigs don’t require vaccinations like some other pets, every guinea pig sold at Petco is checked by a veterinarian to ensure they’re in good health. Always ask for any available health documentation when purchasing.

12. What diet do Petco’s guinea pigs follow in-store?

Petco usually feeds their guinea pigs a balanced diet of commercial guinea pig pellets, hay, and fresh vegetables. It’s a good idea to continue this diet and gradually introduce any new foods to avoid digestive issues.

13. Are there periodic offers or discounts on guinea pigs or their supplies?

Petco often has special offers, especially for members of their “Petco PALS” program. Keep an eye on their promotions or subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on current deals.

14. How can I be certain that a guinea pig from Petco is suitable for families with children?

Guinea pigs are generally gentle and suitable for families. However, each has its unique temperament. Engage with the guinea pig at the store, observe its reactions, and discuss its behavior with store staff to make an informed decision.

15. Is it possible to reserve a guinea pig if I’m not ready to take it home immediately?

Reservation policies might vary by location. While some Petco stores may allow a short-term hold or reservation, it’s best to call your local store and discuss your needs with them.

16. Can I bring my guinea pig back to Petco for health concerns after purchase?

While Petco is not a veterinary service provider, they may offer guidance or references to nearby vets if you have concerns about a pet purchased from them. Always refer to their return and exchange policy for clarity on post-purchase support.

17. What measures are in place to ensure compatibility if I buy multiple guinea pigs?

Petco staff can help introduce guinea pigs in a neutral space to gauge their compatibility. It’s essential to monitor any new pets closely during initial interactions, whether in-store or at home.

18. Are there enrichment programs or workshops at Petco for new guinea pig owners?

Many Petco stores offer workshops or informational sessions on pet care. These can be invaluable for new guinea pig owners, covering topics like dietary needs, habitat setup, and socialization techniques.

19. Can I purchase pet insurance for my guinea pig through Petco?

While Petco does provide insurance options for some pets, it’s advisable to discuss specific coverage details and applicable pets with them directly. Some third-party providers also offer guinea pig-specific insurance.

20. If I face difficulties in guinea pig care, can I reach out to Petco for assistance or resources?

Absolutely. Petco aims to support pet owners in their journey. Whether you need advice on care, references to vets, or even behavioral insights, the staff can often provide valuable assistance or direct you to appropriate resources.

21. How often does Petco replenish its stock of guinea pigs?

Petco’s primary goal is to provide healthy pets, not maintain high stock levels. As such, replenishment frequency varies depending on adoption rates and health checks. It’s always best to contact your local store for current availability.

22. Are there breed-specific care guidelines provided when purchasing from Petco?

While most guinea pigs have similar care needs, certain breeds or varieties may have unique requirements. Petco provides general care guidelines, but for breed-specific nuances, seeking expert advice or consulting specialized resources is advised.

23. What steps does Petco take to ensure the mental well-being of the guinea pigs?

Petco focuses on providing toys, social interaction, and playtime for the guinea pigs in their care. Such activities stimulate the guinea pigs mentally, ensuring they remain active and engaged.

24. Does Petco collaborate with any guinea pig rescues or adoption agencies?

Yes, Petco often collaborates with local rescues and adoption agencies through in-store adoption events and fundraising initiatives, emphasizing pet adoption as a priority.

25. How does Petco address potential inbreeding concerns with their guinea pigs?

Petco ensures their guinea pigs come from reputable breeders and suppliers who comply with ethical breeding standards, minimizing inbreeding risks. It’s paramount to maintain genetic diversity for the health of the pets.

26. What measures are in place if a guinea pig shows signs of stress or anxiety at the store?

Stressed guinea pigs may be isolated from the main display to provide a quieter environment, given more hiding spots, and frequently monitored by staff to ensure their comfort.

27. Does Petco offer post-purchase behavioral consultations for guinea pigs?

While Petco staff can provide basic insights into guinea pig behavior, for detailed behavioral concerns, it’s best to consult a veterinarian or a guinea pig expert.

28. How does Petco ensure that their staff is well-informed and trained in guinea pig care?

Training is paramount for Petco. Employees undergo regular training sessions, covering the latest best practices in pet care, ensuring they provide accurate information and assistance to customers.

29. Can I get recommendations on guinea pig-friendly veterinarians from Petco?

Certainly! Most Petco stores have a list of local veterinarians experienced in treating guinea pigs and other small animals, ensuring owners have access to qualified medical care.

30. In the unfortunate event of a guinea pig’s demise within days of purchase, what support does Petco offer?

While it’s a tragic situation, Petco usually has a policy covering the health of pets post-purchase. If such an incident occurs, it’s best to contact the store immediately, discuss the circumstances, and understand the available options, which may include replacements or refunds.

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