Is PetSmart Open on Sundays?

PetSmart, a popular retail chain, offers a broad spectrum of pet supplies, grooming services, and veterinary care, earning its reputation as a one-stop shop for pet owners. Among the most frequently asked questions about PetSmart’s operations is, “Is PetSmart open on Sundays?”

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Yes, PetSmart is Open on Sundays!

PetSmart follows a customer-centric approach, which includes accommodating the shopping needs of their patrons seven days a week. Thus, the answer is yes – PetSmart is open on Sundays!

Typically, PetSmart’s Sunday hours are slightly shorter than their Monday through Saturday operations. This, however, may vary from store to store and is subject to change during holidays and special occasions. For most locations, the usual Sunday hours are from 10 am to 7 pm, but it’s always a good idea to check the specific hours of your local store online or by calling ahead.

Shopping Experience on Sundays

Though Sundays might be busier due to the convenience it offers to shoppers, PetSmart ensures that the store maintains its atmosphere of calm and order. Whether you’re shopping for pet food, toys, or seeking grooming or veterinary services, expect the same level of service and product availability you’d receive any other day of the week.

PetSmart’s Services on Sundays

Grooming Services

PetSmart grooming salons are typically open on Sundays, providing a range of services including hair trimming, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and more for your pets. Due to the higher footfall on Sundays, it’s recommended to schedule appointments in advance to avoid long wait times.

Veterinary Services

PetSmart’s veterinary services, provided through their partner Banfield Pet Hospitals, are also generally operational on Sundays. Offering a wide range of preventative, primary, and emergency care, these in-house hospitals ensure your pet’s health needs are catered to, even on weekends.

Adoption Events

On certain Sundays, you may find PetSmart hosting pet adoption events in collaboration with local animal welfare groups. It’s an excellent opportunity for prospective pet owners to meet a variety of animals looking for their forever homes.

Tips for Shopping at PetSmart on Sundays

  • Plan Ahead: Since Sundays tend to be busier, making a shopping list can save you time navigating through the store.
  • Schedule Appointments: If you’re planning to use grooming or veterinary services, consider booking an appointment in advance.
  • Check Store Hours: While most PetSmart stores open at 10 am and close at 7 pm on Sundays, it’s best to confirm the operating hours of your local store.


So, whether you need to stock up on pet supplies, seek grooming services, or require veterinary attention, you can rely on PetSmart being open on Sundays. Remember to plan your visit in advance for a seamless shopping experience. After all, PetSmart is committed to ensuring that your pets live happy and healthy lives, every day of the week!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Early Morning Shopping Hour at PetSmart?

While regular store hours typically begin from 9 am or 10 am, depending on the day, some services like grooming and veterinary might start operations a couple of hours earlier. However, it’s essential to note that this does not mean the entire store is open for shopping. Always check with your local store for the exact timings.

How Does PetSmart Manage Crowd Control on Sundays?

PetSmart ensures a smooth shopping experience for all its customers, regardless of how busy the store may be. This includes employing sufficient staff on high footfall days like Sundays and maintaining a well-organized store layout that allows customers to navigate easily.

Can I Avail of Pet Training Services on Sundays?

Yes, PetSmart offers pet training classes on Sundays. From basic obedience classes to more advanced courses, you have the option to choose a schedule that best fits you and your pet. Remember to book these sessions in advance as they tend to fill up quickly, especially on weekends.

Does PetSmart Host Adoption Events Every Sunday?

PetSmart regularly hosts pet adoption events in collaboration with local animal welfare organizations, but not necessarily every Sunday. The schedule for these events varies from one store to another. It’s advisable to stay connected with your local store or regularly check their website for updates.

Are all PetSmart Stores Open on Sundays?

Yes, all PetSmart stores are generally open on Sundays. However, the opening hours may vary depending on the store’s location and local regulations, especially during holidays and special events. Always check the specific opening hours of your local store.

What If I Need to Return a Product Purchased from PetSmart on a Sunday?

PetSmart’s return policy applies every day of the week, including Sundays. If you’re unsatisfied with a product, you can return it to any PetSmart store with a proof of purchase within 60 days. For more details on the return policy, it’s advisable to check PetSmart’s official website or consult with store associates.

Are PetSmart’s Online Services Available on Sundays?

Absolutely! PetSmart’s online store is available 24/7. So, you can shop for your pet’s needs at any time, any day. They offer a variety of products, from food and toys to grooming supplies and more, available for home delivery or in-store pickup.

Do I Need to Wear a Mask While Shopping at PetSmart on Sundays?

The mask policy at PetSmart depends on the guidelines laid down by health authorities and the state law at each location. Please check your local mandates or contact the store for updated information.

Can I Schedule Grooming Appointments for My Pet on Sundays at PetSmart?

Absolutely, PetSmart offers grooming services on Sundays. However, due to high demand on weekends, it is advisable to book your pet’s grooming appointment well in advance. PetSmart’s skilled pet stylists can provide services ranging from baths and haircuts to nail trims and ear cleaning.

Does PetSmart Offer Any Special Discounts or Sales on Sundays?

While PetSmart does hold sales and promotional events, they are not specifically tied to Sundays. Discounts and sales events occur throughout the year on various days and may include weekends. Keep an eye on PetSmart’s official website or subscribe to their newsletter for updates about upcoming sales and discounts.

Is PetSmart’s Customer Service Available on Sundays?

Yes, PetSmart’s customer service is available seven days a week. If you have any questions or concerns about a product or service, you can reach out to them for support. However, keep in mind that the response time may vary, particularly on busy days like Sundays.

Are the Self-Service Dog Wash Stations Available on Sundays at PetSmart?

PetSmart’s self-service dog wash stations are generally available for use seven days a week, including Sundays. These stations provide a convenient option for pet parents who prefer to bathe their dogs themselves. Please verify with your local store for specific availability and operation hours.

How Late Can I Pick Up My Pet from PetSmart’s Hotel on Sundays?

PetSmart understands that your schedule can be unpredictable, so their PetsHotel is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means you can pick up your pet at any time that is convenient for you, even late on Sundays. However, additional charges may apply for pick-ups outside standard business hours.

Can I Buy Live Animals from PetSmart on Sundays?

Yes, you can buy live animals from PetSmart on Sundays, subject to availability. PetSmart offers a variety of live animals for sale, including fish, birds, reptiles, and small mammals. Always remember to consult with the store associates to understand the specific care requirements for the animal you intend to buy.

Is Curbside Pickup Available on Sundays at PetSmart?

PetSmart offers a convenient curbside pickup option on all days, including Sundays. You can shop online or via the PetSmart mobile app, choose the ‘Pick Up Curbside’ option at checkout, and wait for a ready-for-pickup email. When you arrive at the store, simply call the store and an associate will bring your order to your car.

Can I Use PetSmart’s Pharmacy Services on Sundays?

Yes, PetSmart’s Pharmacy is open on Sundays. Here, you can fill prescriptions for a wide range of pet medications, including heartworm preventatives, flea and tick treatments, and medications for chronic conditions. Please note that hours may vary by location and always ensure you have a valid prescription from a veterinarian.

Does PetSmart’s Banfield Pet Hospital Operate on Sundays?

Most Banfield Pet Hospitals located within PetSmart stores are open seven days a week, including Sundays. These full-service veterinary clinics offer a variety of services ranging from preventive care and surgery to specialized treatments. However, it’s recommended to call ahead or check online for the specific hours of operation at your local PetSmart’s Banfield Pet Hospital.

What Should I Do If I Lost My Pet and Think It Might Be at a PetSmart Store?

If you’ve lost your pet and believe it could be at a PetSmart store, contact your local store directly. They can let you know if a pet matching your description has been found. Additionally, PetSmart often collaborates with local animal rescue and welfare organizations, which could be helpful in your search.

Can I Enroll My Pet in PetSmart’s Doggie Day Camp on Sundays?

Yes, most PetSmart locations offer Doggie Day Camp seven days a week, including Sundays. The camp provides a fun and safe space for your dog to play and socialize under the supervision of PetSmart’s trained associates. As the program may be in high demand, particularly on weekends, it’s recommended to book in advance.

Does PetSmart Offer Delivery Services on Sundays?

PetSmart’s delivery service typically operates seven days a week, depending on your location and the delivery provider. To get accurate information about delivery availability, it’s best to check the specific details during your online checkout process.

Are All Sections of the PetSmart Store Open During the Full Store Hours on Sundays?

Generally, yes. All sections, including live pets, pet supplies, grooming, and others, should be open during the entire store operating hours. However, certain services like grooming and training may require appointments, and their hours can vary. Therefore, it’s a good idea to call ahead if you’re planning to avail of these services.

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