19 PetSmart Promo Codes

The PetSmart employee discount is 15% for part-time and full-time associates and 20% for leaders. However, this discount cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts​1​.

Associates can apply their discount online by using their Associate ID and a 4-digit PIN​2​. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a specific guide on the PetSmart website due to it being a potentially private resource for employees.

PetSmart also offers a variety of coupons and discounts to the general public. Here are some of them I found:

  1. Senior & Military Discount: 10% off at the grooming salon on Tuesdays
  2. Online Exclusive: Extra 20% off select items for a limited time
  3. Dog food and other supplies up to 30% off
  4. Treats Members: Free shipping on all orders over $49
  5. $10 off $50+ orders for new Afterpay members
  6. At least 5% off select cat toys, food, litter and more
  7. Aquatics Sale: Up to 30% off select aquariums, fish tanks, and bowls
  8. Limited Time: $10 bonus card when you buy $100+ in gift cards
  9. Aquarium starter kits for 20-40% off
  10. 30% off Hills Science Diet pet food with Autoship
  11. Up to $10 off select dog supplements
  12. Wire crates from $24.99 (up to $40 off)
  13. Free same-day delivery with DoorDash
  14. 35% off your first AutoShip order + 5% off future orders
  15. BOGO 50% off select items for hamsters, guinea pigs and other small pets
  16. 5x the points on all fresh and frozen food toppers
  17. BOGO 50% off small pet food
  18. 10-25% off grooming packages
  19. Up to $20 off PetSafe ScoopFree litter boxes​3​.

Please note that these offers may have terms and conditions, so it’s always good to check the details before making a purchase.

Employee Discount: A key benefit offered to PetSmart employees is a 15-20% discount on store items. This incentivizes employees to become customers themselves, allowing them to gain first-hand experience with the products they are selling. Consequently, this can lead to more authentic and informed recommendations to customers. Furthermore, the discount serves as a form of non-monetary compensation, enhancing job satisfaction and potentially reducing staff turnover.

Senior & Military Discount: The 10% grooming salon discount on Tuesdays for seniors and military personnel reflects PetSmart’s commitment to these key community members. By offering this discount, PetSmart not only increases its customer base but also demonstrates its social responsibility and inclusiveness.

Online Exclusive Discounts: The temporary 20% discount on select items creates a sense of urgency for customers to purchase items they might have been considering. This strategy, often referred to as a ‘flash sale’, can significantly boost sales volumes in a short period.

Autoship Discounts: The substantial 30-35% discount offered on the first AutoShip order, followed by a 5% discount on subsequent orders, encourages customers to subscribe to regular deliveries. This not only ensures consistent revenue for PetSmart but also enhances customer convenience, promoting loyalty and long-term customer relationships.

Buy One Get One (BOGO) Offers: The 50% discount on select items for small pets and small pet food is a clever way to stimulate sales of potentially slow-moving items. Customers perceive these offers as getting something ‘extra’ for their money, which can lead to increased purchasing.

Loyalty Program (Treats Members): Free shipping on orders over $49 and earning extra points on certain purchases are part of PetSmart’s Treats loyalty program. These benefits stimulate larger purchases and reward frequent shoppers, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty among customers.

Product-Specific Discounts: Discounts on specific items such as dog supplements, aquariums, or wire crates encourage the trial of new products and stimulate the purchase of higher-priced items. This approach helps PetSmart to manage its inventory effectively by promoting the sale of items that may otherwise have a slower turnover.

Same-Day Delivery with DoorDash: Offering free same-day delivery in partnership with DoorDash speaks to the growing demand for fast and convenient shopping experiences. This service not only caters to the expectations of today’s customers but also gives PetSmart a competitive edge in the market.

Discounts for New Payment Method Users (Afterpay): The $10 discount on orders above $50 for new Afterpay users is a strategic partnership that promotes the use of this payment method. This discount can attract new customers who prefer Afterpay, thereby expanding PetSmart’s customer base.

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How do PetSmart employees avail of their discounts online?

PetSmart employees can utilize their discounts online by entering their Associate ID and a 4-digit PIN at checkout. However, it’s critical to note that this process may vary over time or based on specific company policies. Employees encountering issues with this should reach out to their management or HR department for assistance.

Can the senior & military discount be availed on other days besides Tuesday?

The 10% discount at the grooming salon for seniors and military personnel is only available on Tuesdays. However, these policies may change, so customers are advised to check with their local PetSmart store or the company’s official website for the most accurate information.

What does the online exclusive discount cover?

The online exclusive discount typically applies to select items for a limited time. The exact products covered can vary, ranging from pet food to toys or grooming tools. Customers should regularly check PetSmart’s website or sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on current and upcoming exclusive online offers.

What is the AutoShip program and how does the discount apply?

AutoShip is a subscription service where customers receive their chosen products at regular intervals without needing to place an order each time. A significant discount of 30-35% is applied to the first AutoShip order, with a 5% discount on future orders. This encourages consistent purchasing and customer loyalty and allows customers to ensure they never run out of essential pet supplies.

What products are typically included in the BOGO offers?

BOGO offers usually apply to select items, often those related to small pets and small pet food. However, the specifics can change based on inventory needs, seasonal trends, or marketing strategies. It’s recommended to check the website or in-store promotions regularly to see the latest BOGO deals.

How do Treats Members avail of free shipping and extra points?

Treats Members receive free shipping on all orders over $49, automatically applied at checkout. The program also periodically offers opportunities to earn extra points on specific purchases, which are communicated to members via email or through the website.

How often does PetSmart offer product-specific discounts?

Product-specific discounts are a common promotional strategy used by PetSmart. The frequency and selection of products can vary, based on factors like inventory levels, seasonal demand, or the introduction of new products. Customers can stay informed about these discounts by checking the website or subscribing to PetSmart’s newsletter.

Are there any requirements to avail of the free same-day delivery with DoorDash?

The specifics of availing free same-day delivery with DoorDash may depend on factors such as the order size, the distance of the delivery, and the specific agreement between PetSmart and DoorDash. Customers should check the delivery terms at checkout for the most accurate information.

What is Afterpay and how does the discount apply to new users?

Afterpay is a payment method that allows customers to pay for their purchases in four equal installments, due every two weeks, without any interest. New Afterpay users can get a $10 discount on orders over $50 at PetSmart, which would be applied at checkout once the payment method is selected.

What is the “Aquatics Sale” and how can customers benefit from it?

The “Aquatics Sale” is a specific promotional event at PetSmart where customers can avail up to 30% off select aquariums, fish tanks, and bowls. The sale provides an excellent opportunity for both seasoned and aspiring aquarists to upgrade their equipment or start new projects at a lower cost. The range of items on sale will vary based on inventory and promotional periods.

How does the discount on Hill’s Science Diet pet food with Autoship work?

Customers who choose to receive Hill’s Science Diet pet food through the AutoShip program can enjoy a 30% discount on their first order. This is a significant saving for those who regularly purchase this brand. Plus, AutoShip ensures the pet food is delivered at a frequency chosen by the customer, eliminating the worry of running out of food for their pet.

Are there discounts available for reptile owners?

Yes, PetSmart often offers “Reptile Deals” where customers can get between 20% to 50% off on live food, aquariums, and accessories for reptiles such as turtles and geckos. This is a great opportunity for reptile enthusiasts to stock up on essentials or try out new products for their pets.

What does the discount on grooming packages entail?

PetSmart offers discounts of 10% to 25% off on grooming packages. These packages often include a range of services such as hair trimming, bathing, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. The discount allows pet owners to keep their pets looking their best while saving money.

What are the benefits of the “Treats Members” program?

The “Treats Members” program is PetSmart’s loyalty scheme where members can earn points on purchases, receive free shipping on orders over $49, and have access to exclusive deals. The program encourages repeat business and allows members to save on their pet supply needs.

How can customers benefit from the “Limited Time: $10 bonus card when you buy $100+ in gift cards” offer?

This is a limited-time offer where customers receive a $10 bonus card when they purchase $100 or more in gift cards. This essentially gives customers a 10% bonus on their gift card purchase, which they can use on future shopping trips to PetSmart.

How can customers avail of the “Wire crates from $24.99 (up to $40 off)” deal?

This deal offers significant savings on wire crates, which are essential for training or transporting dogs. Customers can purchase these crates starting from $24.99, with the potential to save up to $40 depending on the specific model and size of the crate they choose.

What is the significance of the “Senior & Military Discount”?

The “Senior & Military Discount” is a unique offer from PetSmart that provides a 10% discount on grooming services every Tuesday for senior citizens and military personnel. This is a show of appreciation for these special groups, making pet care more affordable for them.

How can customers utilize the “Free same-day delivery with DoorDash” offer?

This service ensures that customers can receive their pet supplies on the same day they place an order. It’s particularly useful for urgent needs or last-minute shopping. The offer is made possible through a collaboration with DoorDash, a leading delivery service provider.

What does the “BOGO 50% off select items for hamsters, guinea pigs and other small pets” deal entail?

This “Buy One, Get One at 50% Off” offer applies to a range of select items for small pets like hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. Customers who are looking to purchase supplies for these pets can buy one item and get the second item at half price. It’s an excellent way to save on supplies for small pets.

What benefits do customers gain from the “$10 off $50+ orders for new Afterpay members” deal?

This promotion is designed for customers who choose to use Afterpay, a service that allows you to purchase now and pay later in installments. New Afterpay members can enjoy a $10 discount on their order of $50 or more, making it a more affordable option for larger purchases.

How can customers maximize savings with the “35% off your first AutoShip order + 5% off future orders” offer?

The AutoShip program is designed for customers who regularly purchase the same products. By subscribing to AutoShip, customers can save 35% on their first order and then continue to save 5% on all future orders. This offer helps customers manage their pet supplies efficiently while also saving money.

What is the “5x the points on all fresh and frozen food toppers” deal?

This deal is part of the PetSmart “Treats” loyalty program. Customers earn five times the usual points when they purchase fresh and frozen food toppers, helping them accumulate rewards points faster. These points can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

What is the benefit of the “BOGO 50% off small pet food” offer?

Similar to the BOGO deal for small pet items, this offer allows customers to buy one bag of small pet food and get the second one at 50% off. It’s an ideal way to stock up on food for small pets while saving money.

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