Spot and Tango vs. Sundays

As a pet parent, finding the right diet for your furry companion is a top priority. Two premium brands that have been making headlines recently are Spot and Tango and Sundays. These companies promise high-quality, nutritious meals for your dogs, with a focus on freshness and natural ingredients. But which one is best for your pet? Let’s dive into a comprehensive comparison between Spot and Tango vs. Sundays.

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Understanding the Brands: Spot and Tango & Sundays

Spotlight on Spot and Tango

Spot and Tango, founded with a dedication to quality and transparency, offers a range of dog food options. Their products include both fresh, home-style cooked meals and the innovative Unkibble – their take on dry food that promises the benefits of fresh food in a convenient format.

Stepping into Sundays

Sundays, on the other hand, has taken a unique approach by offering air-dried dog food. This method keeps the nutrients intact while making it as convenient to serve as traditional kibble. Sundays aim to merge the nutritional benefits of raw food with the convenience of kibble, sans the typical processing and preservatives.

Nutrition Profile: What’s on the Menu?

Digging into Spot and Tango

Spot and Tango’s fresh meals are high in protein and contain fresh fruits and vegetables. The company uses high-quality, human-grade ingredients sourced from local farms. Their Unkibble range boasts whole foods, no artificial additives, and three protein options: beef, chicken, and duck.

Savouring Sundays

Sundays’ air-dried food is made with human-grade meats, organs, and bones, providing a diet that closely mimics what dogs would eat in the wild. Additionally, it incorporates a variety of superfoods and is free from artificial additives and common allergens like gluten and wheat.

Customization: Tailored to Your Dog’s Needs

Both Spot and Tango and Sundays offer meal plans customized to your dog’s specific needs. They consider factors such as breed, age, weight, activity level, and health issues to curate the best meal plan for your pet.

Sustainability and Ethical Considerations

Spot and Tango’s focus on sourcing ingredients from local farms not only supports the local economy but also reduces the environmental impact. Sundays also strives for sustainability, with its packaging made from bio-based, recyclable materials.

Price: Premium Nutrition, Premium Price

Quality ingredients and tailored meal plans come at a price. Both Spot and Tango and Sundays are more expensive than conventional kibble, but many pet parents find the health benefits worth the investment.

Unveiling the Ingredients: Spot and Tango vs. Sundays

When choosing between Spot and Tango and Sundays, one of the key areas to investigate is the list of ingredients each brand utilizes. Both brands are transparent about their ingredient list, ensuring you can feel confident about what you’re feeding your pet.

Ingredient Insights: Spot and Tango

Spot and Tango prides itself on using whole, fresh ingredients, sourced from trusted farmers and suppliers. The brand’s fresh meals include recipes like Turkey & Red Quinoa and Beef & Millet, which incorporate high-quality proteins and nutrient-rich grains. Their fresh food line also features a plethora of fruits and vegetables, from spinach and peas to apples and blueberries.

Unkibble by Spot and Tango follows a similar philosophy. The brand offers three primary recipes: Fresh Dry Beef and Barley, Fresh Dry Chicken and Brown Rice, and Fresh Dry Duck and Salmon. These recipes prioritize high-quality protein sources, coupled with whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. All recipes are free from artificial preservatives, fillers, or additives.

Ingredient Insights: Sundays

Sundays takes a slightly different approach with its ingredient list. The brand uses a proprietary process to air-dry their dog food, intending to keep the nutritional integrity of their ingredients intact. Their recipes primarily feature high-quality meat, organs, and bones to provide a nutrient profile similar to a raw diet.

Beyond the animal-based ingredients, Sundays’ recipes include superfoods like blueberries, kelp, carrots, and chickpeas. The brand also includes a variety of vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure their food meets AAFCO standards for complete and balanced dog nutrition. Like Spot and Tango, Sundays avoids any artificial preservatives or additives and steers clear of common allergens.

Customer Experience: Ordering and Delivery

In the realm of online dog food shopping, user experience is crucial. Both Spot and Tango and Sundays have made it their mission to simplify the purchasing process and cater to customers’ needs, going beyond just providing high-quality meals for your pup.

Spot and Tango begins their user experience with a simple online quiz that asks for information about your dog’s size, weight, breed, activity level, and other relevant health details. Based on these answers, they suggest a tailored meal plan. Food is then conveniently delivered to your door.

Sundays offer a similar customer experience. After completing an online quiz about your pet’s specific needs, Sundays will customize a meal plan and frequency of delivery for you.

Feeding Experience: Taste and Texture

The ultimate test for any dog food, of course, is whether our canine companions will enjoy it. Taste and texture can vary significantly between fresh, dry, and air-dried food, and it can be critical in deciding between Spot and Tango and Sundays.

Spot and Tango’s fresh food is often appreciated by dogs for its soft texture and meaty taste. The Unkibble line, while still maintaining a taste dogs tend to enjoy, has the familiar texture of kibble that some dogs may prefer.

Sundays’ air-dried food, on the other hand, offers a unique texture that’s somewhere between dry kibble and jerky. This distinctive characteristic often proves to be a hit among dogs, providing a new and enjoyable feeding experience.

The Bottom Line: Spot and Tango vs. Sundays

Both Spot and Tango and Sundays offer high-quality, innovative alternatives to traditional dog food. The best choice depends on your pet’s specific needs and preferences.

Spot and Tango’s Unkibble might be the way to go if your dog is used to dry food, but you’re seeking a healthier, fresher alternative. Meanwhile, Sundays’ air-dried food could be the perfect choice if you want to provide a diet that closely resembles raw feeding, while still enjoying the convenience of kibble.

Remember, any dietary change should be gradual and monitored to ensure it’s the best fit for your pet. Consulting your vet before making significant changes is always a good idea.

Frequently Asked Questions: Spot and Tango vs. Sundays

1. How Does Spot and Tango Source its Ingredients?

Spot and Tango stands out for its commitment to sourcing fresh, whole, and high-quality ingredients. They collaborate with local farmers and food suppliers to get the finest quality meat, fruits, and vegetables. They prioritize human-grade ingredients, ensuring the food your pet consumes is as good as what you would eat.

2. What is Unkibble from Spot and Tango?

Unkibble is Spot and Tango’s unique take on dry dog food. The company uses a special Fresh Dry process to create its Unkibble, utilizing gentle heating and pressure to retain the nutritional value of its human-grade ingredients. Unkibble offers the convenience of dry food, without sacrificing the nutritional benefits typically associated with fresh food.

3. How Does Sundays Process its Dog Food?

Sundays utilizes an innovative air-drying process to prepare its dog food. This technique involves slowly evaporating the ingredients’ water content while maintaining their nutritional integrity. As a result, Sundays’ food retains the convenience of traditional dry food without the need for artificial preservatives or extensive processing.

4. Is Sundays Dog Food Allergen-Free?

Sundays dog food is free from common allergens such as wheat, soy, and corn. Their recipes are also gluten-free and don’t include any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This makes Sundays a potentially good option for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies.

5. Can I Customize Meals with Spot and Tango and Sundays?

Both Spot and Tango and Sundays offer a degree of meal customization. They each have an online quiz that asks for information about your dog, such as weight, breed, age, activity level, and any special dietary needs. Using this information, they suggest a tailored meal plan to meet your pet’s nutritional needs.

6. How Often Will Spot and Tango or Sundays Deliver the Meals?

The frequency of deliveries for both Spot and Tango and Sundays depends on the plan you choose. Typically, you can select weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries based on your dog’s size and appetite.

7. Are Spot and Tango and Sundays Eco-friendly?

Both Spot and Tango and Sundays have initiatives to minimize their environmental footprint. Spot and Tango sources ingredients from local farms, reducing the carbon footprint from transportation. Sundays’ packaging is made from bio-based, recyclable materials, reflecting their commitment to sustainability.

8. How Do Dogs Generally Respond to Spot and Tango and Sundays Food?

Based on customer reviews, many dogs enjoy both Spot and Tango and Sundays food. The texture and flavor of these premium foods are often appreciated by dogs. However, individual preferences can vary, and it might take some trial and error to determine which food your dog prefers.

9. What Are the Health Benefits Reported by Customers of Spot and Tango and Sundays?

Customers of both Spot and Tango and Sundays have reported several health benefits in their dogs after switching to these foods. Improvements include better energy levels, healthier coats, improved digestion, and weight management. However, individual results may vary, and it’s important to monitor your dog’s health after switching to a new diet.

10. What Types of Proteins are used in Spot and Tango and Sundays’ Recipes?

Spot and Tango uses a range of high-quality proteins in their recipes, including beef, chicken, turkey, and duck. For example, in their Unkibble line, you’ll find options such as Fresh Dry Beef and Barley and Fresh Dry Duck and Salmon.

On the other hand, Sundays’ primary protein sources are beef, pork, and chicken, with the inclusion of organ meat and bones to replicate the nutrient profile of a raw diet.

11. Are Spot and Tango and Sundays’ Recipes Grain-Free?

While some Spot and Tango and Sundays recipes do contain grains, they’re not the typical corn, wheat, or soy often found in mass-market kibble. Instead, Spot and Tango use nutrient-rich whole grains such as brown rice and barley. Sundays does not use grains, opting instead for nutrient-dense superfoods.

12. Can I Serve Spot and Tango and Sundays to Puppies?

Both Spot and Tango and Sundays offer recipes suitable for all life stages, including puppies. When creating a meal plan, the brands take into account the unique nutritional needs of puppies, ensuring they get the right nutrients for healthy growth and development.

13. How Do Spot and Tango and Sundays Ensure the Quality of their Meals?

Quality assurance is a top priority for both Spot and Tango and Sundays. Spot and Tango’s meals are prepared in USDA-inspected kitchens, following the same safety standards applied to human food. Similarly, Sundays tests every batch of its dog food in an independent lab for quality and safety, ensuring it meets the highest standards before it reaches your dog’s bowl.

14. Can Spot and Tango or Sundays Help with Specific Dietary Needs?

Both Spot and Tango and Sundays consider specific dietary needs during the meal planning process. They gather information about your dog’s age, breed, weight, activity level, and health conditions, allowing them to cater to special dietary requirements.

15. How Does Spot and Tango and Sundays’ Pricing Compare?

Spot and Tango and Sundays aim to deliver high-quality, premium dog food, and their pricing reflects this commitment. However, the exact cost will depend on several factors, including the size of your dog and the frequency of deliveries. While these meals may be more expensive than conventional kibble, many pet owners find the potential health benefits well worth the investment.

16. What is the Shelf Life of Spot and Tango and Sundays’ Dog Food?

The shelf life varies depending on the type of food. Spot and Tango’s fresh meals should be consumed within a week of opening or can be frozen for extended use. Their Unkibble line has a longer shelf life, similar to regular dry dog food. Sundays’ air-dried food also has a longer shelf life and can be stored in a cool, dry place for several months. Always refer to the package for best by dates.

17. What if My Dog Doesn’t Like Spot and Tango or Sundays?

Both Spot and Tango and Sundays understand that not every dog will love their food. That’s why they offer a satisfaction guarantee. If your dog doesn’t enjoy their meals, you can contact the respective company’s customer service team to discuss returns or possible alternatives.

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